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Decorating Your Home with Abstract Wall Art

Posted on October 19 2021

Decorating Your Home with Abstract Wall Art
If there is one type of artwork that can express different things, it is perhaps abstract art. This is the kind of art that requires you to keep an open mind and see things for more than what they are. That is why you can never go wrong with abstract wall art.

There is so much you can do when decorating with abstract wall art. With art that forces you to think beyond the frames, you are also given a chance to think freely about how you want to decorate your space using abstract wall art.



Art Beyond Reality

What most people understand about abstract wall art is that it is a vague representation of reality. It purposely depicts an inaccurate image of objects and scenes that people are familiar with. Abstract art has influenced different art movements over the years as it continues today.

The focus of abstract is not on recreating reality but instead, it explores ideas beyond reality. This idea has helped artists and aesthetes alike to further analyse art and find more meaning to what they are looking at. Abstract art gives you the freedom to interpret art in your own way. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to understanding abstract art.

Abstract art is not a “what you see is what you get” kind of approach. It awakens your imagination and tests the way you see art. Some people have a sharp eye when it comes to understanding an abstract piece, while others take a little more time to fully take in what an artwork is trying to say.

This approach in art can is not always meant to calm you down. It is supposed to disturb you and make you uneasy. It forces you to think. And when you finally understand it, you will see that there is more to what the colours represent.

Pablo Picasso, a man who made great strides in abstract art, once said, “Everything you can imagine is real.” When you let your imagination play around with reality, you can create an escape and enter a world beyond what you know.



Decorating With Abstract Art

With its uniqueness, a lot of people assume it would be difficult to decorate their home using abstract wall art. But just like any type of artwork, you just need to follow some tips when decorating your home. Adding abstract wall art to your home might be what you need to make your space more sophisticated. If you are looking for a way to elevate your space using abstract wall art, here are some things you need to consider:

1. Feel

When choosing what and where your wall art should be, you need to consider the feeling you want to experience. You need to ask yourself what you want to feel when you enter the room and see this abstract art. Art can have a great effect on the mood of your space, so you need to choose a canvas art print that can give you that feeling.

2. Surroundings

Your chosen artwork is sure to stand out. But it might stand out for the wrong reasons. When it comes to art, being bold is encouraged. But if you want your space to look seamless, you need to consider the surroundings. If you have a bold abstract piece, a safe place to hang it is on neutral walls. A monotonous background can give your wall art the necessary attention. A colourful wall may be too distracting.

3. Focal Point

Sometimes, you find yourself in a room with barely anything to look at. When caught in this situation, the best thing for you to do is get an abstract art piece. When it comes to grabbing attention and creating a focal point in a room, the colours, shapes, and strokes used in an abstract piece will surely get the job done.

4. Light

Light can be a friend and a foe when it comes to looking at art. You need to remember that art doesn’t always do well when in direct sunlight. The light and heat can cause your wall art to fade. This is not a good sign if you want to make your pieces last long. Hang it on a wall that still catches the light without direct contact.

5. Statement Pieces

You don’t need a lot of decors to give the room some character; all you need is a statement piece. The right abstract wall decors can add a sense of individuality. For statement pieces, you should consider getting wall art that will flow with the rest of the room. This will give the room the personality it needs without making your chosen abstract work look out of place.

6. Collection

For those who consider themselves collectors of art, you may find yourself having a hard time finding more space to fit your collection. To fit all your art pieces, you can hang them together in a gallery style. You can perfect this look by putting different sizes of art together. Other people even surround their larger pieces with smaller ones to serve as a focal point for the room.

7. Match Tones

Bold abstract canvas art can look out of place when in a room full of other colours. To make sure that your room can look cohesive, the colours in your art piece should match its surroundings. This includes your walls, furniture, and other wall art. Doing this creates a solid colour scheme for your room.

8. Contrast Styles

The thing about abstract art is that it can work perfectly with other art styles. This means you get the freedom to put it next to a lot of different works. If you want to fill your space with different art, you should always have abstract pieces. Don't be afraid to put abstract art with other wall art styles.

9. Freedom

Once you’ve taken these tips into consideration, don’t forget that you always have the freedom to decorate your space however you want. These are just tips, not exact rules that you need to follow. If you think that the artwork is in the right place, then trust your instincts. Just like in abstract art, it doesn’t have to look right; it just has to feel right.

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