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DIY Interior Design: Wall Ideas for Living Room Walls

Posted on January 29 2021

DIY Interior Design: Wall Prints for Living Room Walls

The living room is one of the most sacred spaces in the house. It is where the whole family relaxes and enjoys the company of one another. It is also the place where you entertain your guests and make them feel welcome in your home. That is why you should try and make it look as inviting as possible. One way to do that is making DIY wall prints for living room walls. Nothing is more special than something made with love, effort, and passion. Not only will you have something to put on your bare walls, you also get to really call the space yours.



How can I bring the best out of my living room walls?

Having bare walls in your living room doesn’t make the area as lively as it’s meant to be. You need to give it a pop of something extra. Putting up wall art is usually the way to go. Having art on your wall gives the room a complete look. You wouldn’t feel like there is something missing. And you don’t even have to spend so much to have great wall pieces; you can always make them your own. Putting up DIY art on your wall is so much more meaningful than buying pieces. It's like putting a personal touch on your living room wall.

The Answer: DIY Wall Print

Every house deserves to be a home, and every living room deserves to be full of life. Bare walls and empty spaces don’t really make that happen. Your living room should have some colour and design. People think they have to break the bank to make their personal space beautiful, but that’s not really the truth.

You don’t need a large budget; you just need a lot of creativity. There are a good deal of DIY wall prints you can do on your own. Simple ideas that produce such splendid outcomes. You can even invite the whole family to join you in creating them. It's going to be a fun and meaningful activity for all. Here are some DIY ideas you can try:

Family Photos

One of the most loved DIY wall art idea is putting up your family pictures. It may seem like such a basic and uninspired idea, but it’s a classic. Who doesn’t want to see beautiful pictures of their family hanging in the living room? Just frame them up and hang them, and you’ve got yourself instant wall art pieces. This way, you get to really make the living room a space for the whole family.


If you want to stray away from the basic framed photos, you can go ahead and create a collage of your best memories. You can print out pictures of your best memories and stick them side by side. You can even mix in some memorabilia like tickets and postcards from your travels. This is a fun way to create something beautiful while going down memory lane. You can let your family choose their favourite photos and place it together with yours.

Children’s Works

A child’s creativity is endless, and it’s always wonderful to see them explore their artistic sides. Don't be afraid to let your children express themselves through colour. You can collect your children’s works and hang them for everyone to see. Not only do you get to have a meaningful wall print, you also get to show your children how proud you are of them. Who knows, they might just become great artist because of this.

Geometric Designs

It's always fun playing around with shapes. One of the most common designs in wall prints are geometric prints. You can paint triangles, hexagons, and other polygons in different colours and sizes. Give your family members a blank canvas each and have them paint shapes and patterns they prefer. If you want, you can even just discard the canvases and just paint the whole living room wall. This way, you can be sure that your entire living room will be full of colour.


Abstract Paintings

If you want to go on full artistic mode, why don’t you try and make abstract paintings? You can play around with colours and hues and even create a new art style of your own. You don’t need to pressure yourself to create an image that anyone can recognise, you can just splatter paint however you want. This idea is going to be so much fun. But fair warning to anyone who are planning to attempt an abstract painting, it can be very messy.




Tape Art

If you don’t want to get too messy, there are ways for you to show your creativity in clean and pristine lines. You can use designed things to create something else. One of these are washi tapes. Washi tapes come in different colours and patterns. You can stick the tapes in different patterns to create the image you want.

Framed Flowers

Your wall prints for living room walls don’t have to have super bold colours and designs. They can just be simple and elegant. Anyone with an affinity for gardening can have framed flowers as their wall art. This way, your living room can have a fresh and rustic feel to it. You don’t even have to look too far to get your resources, you can just pick them out from your backyard.

Quote Prints

If you want, there are DIY ideas that don’t take as much effort as the ones mentioned above. If you want to go the inspirational route, you can print out inspirational quotes and sayings. Pick out the quotes you live by and hang them up where you can see them every day. That way, you don’t forget them, and you feel yourself get inspired every time you read them.


Sometimes, the best designs are those that don’t need to be so loud. To keep the calm vibe of your living room, you can just hang up prints with minimalist designs. They elevate the room without trying to clash with the rest of the colours.

Your living room should feel homey and cosy. That why you need cute wall prints for living room walls. This way, you can be sure it's going to be the place where everyone wants to chill at.