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How To Choose Art Prints For Your New Home

Posted on November 27 2020

How To Choose Art Prints For Your New Home

Art prints can truly add an extra oomph to your space. Whether you would be hanging one up at your living room, kitchen, dining area, bedroom, or bathroom, having that slice of colours and shapes up on your wall can boost the visuals in that area.  

Not only that, having art prints in your home is a great way to express your own personality and style. This lets guests know and appreciate your creativity and helps family and friends get to know you better. Whenever you feel stumped about what your next step should be in terms of interior decoration, there is always one or two art print pieces out there waiting for you to take home!  

If you are moving into a new home, all the more reason to pick up art prints in a Melbourne art online shopDesigning a new home can be quite the challenge, but there’s no need to worry – putting up art prints is a great and easy way to start. How can new home owners pick out the best art prints? Read on for a few tips.

Ocean Current Aqua II - MAGGIE OLSEN

Ocean Current Aqua II - MAGGIE OLSEN

1. Choose one that works perfectly with your basic interior design elements 

Building and preparing for a new home can be quite the stressor. The construction project itself can be overwhelming, which is why a lot of new homeowners often plan their interior design after the house has already been built and prepared for occupancy. If this sounds like you, no worries, it is completely understandable!  

That is where pieces such as art prints come in. They are simple enough to add wherever you like, and they are incredibly versatile – you are free to move them around later on. So, as long as you have got your basic interior design elements taken care of, you should be able to pick out a good art print piece to go with it. 

Perhaps the main interior design element you should think about when browsing for art prints is your wall colour. If you had painted it a standard shade of white because you are not too sure yet what wall colour you would be comfortable with, you are free to pick out any piece you like as it’s guaranteed to stand out! Also, by putting up one or several art print pieces to a white wall, you turn it from bland to grand in an instant.  

If your wall has got a different colour, the best way to go is to choose an art print piece according to its colour. Art print pieces can be categorised according to their dominant colour, so pick one that either blends with or complements your wall. For example, if you have a solid colour wall, you might want to pick a piece that have softer, more muted tones.

2. Prioritise based on location 

If you are about to move into a new home, you want to make sure that you prioritise designing the areas that you and your future guests will frequent the most. So, when choosing art prints in Melbourne, think about sprucing up your living room, dining area, and bathroom first. 

When choosing art prints for these areas, you want to think about the ambience you would like the piece to help create. For example, when choosing an art print for the living room, you want it to help create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Calming abstract prints or light-coloured prints will help you achieve that. Or, you can also go for something bold; something that would become a conversation starter. An interesting photograph, a landscape print, or a retro print can conjure up memories in yours and your guest’s minds, and can help spark good conversations.  
Another reason to choose art prints based on location is that it can sometimes be the practical choice. A great example for how this is so is when you are putting up art prints in your kitchen or dining area. If you notice you have an empty wall there, you might want to avoid putting up heavy or breakable pieces of wall decor. The kitchen is the busiest area in any home. Choosing art prints instead adds artistry to your kitchen while helping you avoid any untoward accidents. 

3. Make it special  

When it comes to designing a new home, it would be nice to be sentimental about your firsts. Beyond all the interior design tips, you should always go with what you feel is best for you at this point in your journey. Moving into a new home is no easy feat – you have had to go through a bunch of hoops and may have also had to wait a long time to finally get the home of your dreams. So, when picking out an art print piece, choose something that truly speaks to you.  

Because art prints come in all types of art styles, there will always be one guaranteed to be the most meaningful to you. Do you and your partner particularly enjoy your beach vacations? Put up a beach-themed art print as a marker of your experiences together. Or, do you and your kids particularly enjoy spending time with your four-legged friends? Choose animal-themed art prints! 

A new home is a blank canvas, you are the painter, and your experiences thus far make up the materials for this next big work of art. When you blend your creative juices with what personally makes you feel happy and proud, you will be able not only pick out the best art prints but also work out a whole interior design plan that reflects your uniqueness.  

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