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How to Clean a Canvas Print Picture

Posted on September 30 2020

How to Clean a Canvas Print Picture

Ask any home interior design enthusiast – a beautiful indoor space is not just given, it is earned. For every pretty picture, every look of awe on a guest’s face, and every moment of serenity on quiet days at home, there’s a considerable amount of effort being put into maintaining that gorgeous space. It’s always worth it in the end, though – there truly is nothing better than living in a home you are 100 percent proud of. 

One of the most popular elements of interior decoration is a canvas print. Canvas Prints offer so much visual improvement in a space, and yet it takes very minimal effort to add them: simply set up a hook, hang them up the wall, and you are good to go!  

As with any piece of interior decoration, canvas prints also require some tender loving care. If you are wondering how to clean a canvas print picture, you might find the following tips helpful!

First of all, can you even clean canvas prints? 

Many people wonder if you can clean a canvas print as you would other pieces. This concern is definitely warranted – many are worried about whether or not cleaning it will affect the quality of the image.  

But the answer to this question is yes, you can clean a canvas print from time to time. However, to avoid damage, you do have to be more proactive about maintaining it. Factors to consider are: 

  • Location: Make sure you have kept it out of direct sunlight to avoid the image from fading fast.  
  • Moisture: You want to place it in a location that has good ventilation as well to avoid moisture from collecting in the piece. Moisture may cause image distortion over time.  
  • Storage: If you are not putting your canvas print up for display, make sure its storage location is dry and that it is protected from anything that might distort the imageMake sure no items are placed on top of the canvas.

How to Clean a Canvas Print Picture 

Make cleaning your canvas print a habit 

It’s not difficult to include cleaning your canvas print in your regular home cleaning routine! For regular weekly maintenance, simply dusting the picture with a fine linen cloth will do. Canvas prints should be cleaned just as often as you clean and maintain other decorative items or your whole home in general.  

Clean as gently and carefully as can be  

What you do not want to happen when you own a canvas print is for layers of dust to collect on top of the picture. If this happens, the image may lose its colour vibrancy. On top of gentle dusting techniques, you may also need to perform the following steps: 

Step 1: Pick up a clean washcloth  

When you notice that dust is beginning to collect on the picture, pick up a clean washcloth (emphasis on clean: you do not want to ruin the picture with smudges!). Then, dip the cloth into warm water, and squeeze and wring as much as you can to make it damp. Make sure that it is damp and not wet; you do not want to risk any water damage on the canvas or the frame.  

Step 2: Run the damp cloth

Next, run the damp cloth along the trouble area(s). Use circular motions, and be as gentle as you can with it. Being gentle might mean you have to repeat the process as many times as needed. Take care not to apply too much pressure, as that could also damage not just the image but the canvas itself. (You don’t want a piece of wall art that appears to have a dent!) 

Step 3: Dabbed the canvas

Once dirt collects on the area of the washcloth you dabbed the canvas with, dip it into the warm water and squeeze and wring. Or better yet, use a different section of the washcloth to work on other areas of the canvas. Do not move onto clean areas of the canvas without making sure that the surface of the washcloth you would make it come into contact with is clean. Otherwise, you could create smudges where there were not supposed to be any. 

Step 4: Let canvas print dry

Leave the canvas print to dry. Before putting it back up on the wall, make sure it is completely dry. Remember that moisture can cause the canvas to degrade in quality! 

The Big Jungle IV - FARIDA ZAMAN

The Big Jungle IV - FARIDA ZAMAN

Getting dirt out of a canvas print 

To remove mud and dirta canvas print should be left to dry completely. After that, shake the print to allow mud and dirt debris to fall off. You may also lightly tap it onto a flat, clean surface. After that, create a warm water + baking soda solution, and then wash the canvas in that solution.  

To remove stains, grab a soft sponge or dishwashing pad and dip it in a mixture containing clear, mild dishwashing liquid, and hot water. Use that to gently remove stains from the canvas.  

To remove mouldprepare a solution containing rubbing alcohol and warm water, equal parts of each. Prepare a clean, stiff brush. Dip the brush into the solution, and gently rub away mould from the problem area. Use a clean washcloth dipped in clear water to dab away the remaining solution. Allow the canvas to dry. 

Need more assistance on maintaining your canvas print? Reach out to your art prints provider

If you have specific concerns regarding how to clean a canvas print picture, you can reach out directly to the art shop or printing company you picked up your print from. They know the specifications of their products well and can provide you with more specific instructions. 

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