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Pretty in Pink: Floral Canvas Wall Art and More

Posted on June 28 2021

Pretty in Pink: Floral Canvas Wall Art and More

Everyone wants to stay in a space where they can feel at peace. A place where they are surrounded by soft hues and calming images. That is why you need to pick the right colours for your art if you want to create a space with balanced and calm energy.  

For that, you should consider getting pink floral canvas wall art. There is nothing quite as soothing as the softness of pink and flowers. If you want to know how to improve your spaces using these elements, read on below.


Think of Pink  

When people think of pink, the first thing that comes to mind is love and romance. This colour is considered by many as a feminine colour because of the characteristics associated with it. Pink is seen as a colour of calmness, softness, kindness, and compassion. Although pink has a soft side, there is more to it than that.

Here are some other characteristics that you can use to describe pink:


To a lot of people, pink brings a sense of happiness. It brings a feeling of home and familiarity. Pink brings them to their “happy place”.  


There are a lot of people that get a spark of creativity when they see the colour pink. Together with the sense of joy, they get a positive vibe from the colour that makes them want to express their imagination.  


Some people also look at pink as a refreshing colour. It reminds them of springtime and flowers. It brings them inspiration to renew themselves.  


Like all colours, pink comes in different shades. Each shade brings out different emotions to an individual. Bolder shades are livelier and more spirited, while muted tones are more youthful and innocent. The different range of emotions can bring someone to a state of euphoria.  

Feel the Flowers  

Receiving flowers is one of the most delightful things anyone can experience. They instantly make anyone’s day. Getting flowers makes you feel special, the sight and smell of them can bring happiness straight to your senses. Because of the positive reaction people have when receiving flowers, they instantly improve your mood and provide positive emotions. This makes them perfect for creating a positive space for you.


How Pink Can Improve Your Space  

A lot of people feel that there isn’t a lot of choices when it comes to decorating your home in pink. That could not be any further from the truth. There is more to this colour than meets the eye. Don’t just settle for the usual style when using pink. If you are thinking of creating a pink-themed space, you may want to check these things out:

Bold Pieces  

Pink may be known for being a soft colour, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make a statement. Pink pieces are great for creating focal points in your space. By hanging bold pink wall art as your centrepiece, you can get everyone’s attention.   

Different Shades  

Different shades of pink can provoke different emotions. If you don’t want your pieces to look monotonous, you should try using different shades of pink. Hanging up wall art in different tones can still make your space look cohesive without being boring.  

Neutral Pink  

If you want a clean look, you don’t have to stick to white and beige. Soft pinks are also greats as neutral tones. They give your space a softness that compliments bolder pieces. Using pink as a neutral is also perfect if your colour scheme uses a lot of different soft hues. You can get a clean look without being boring.   

Not Always Feminine  

Contrary to popular belief, the colour pink doesn’t always have to represent femininity. Pieces with pink-peach tones don’t always translate to being girly. This shade can create a captivating vibe in your space. A shade like this works well with a lot of darker tones.  


One of the best things about pink canvas art is that you can always find a place for it in almost every room. It is very easy to incorporate with your existing decor. You don’t have to get new pieces to match with them. Whether you want them to blend in or make a statement, they will never look out of place.  

Perfect Pairs  

You must be thinking that your space already has too much pink. That shouldn’t be something to worry about. The thing about pink is that there are so many colours you can pair with it. For a chic look, you can pair it with black. If you want another eye-catching colour, teal is the way to go. And if you want to keep things soft, you can never go wrong with white.

Mix Your Prints and Patterns  

There are so many ways you can use pink. You can have it as a part of a pattern or a dominant colour in a print. Either way, you should not be afraid to mix them. If you want to get pink floral art together with pink patterns, do it. There is no reason for you to shy away from being creative.  


Featured Wall Art Pieces  

Decorating your home has never been easier. The perfect wall art pieces will always be available for you. If you want to create the perfect pink-themed space, you can hang pink floral canvas wall art. These are the kind of pieces that can help create a soothing yet creative vibe for your space.  

So, if you are looking for the perfect pieces for your space, these featured wall art pieces may be the ones you need:  

Mandarin Poppies - MICHAEL CLARK

7. Single and Sweet I - NAN


Get Pink Floral Canvas Wall Art Now!  

Pink has the power to be as soft or as bold as it needs to be. That is why it’s the perfect colour for your space. And what other pieces would be perfect than pink floral canvas wall art. If you are on the look out for pieces like this, check out the selection at Art Goat