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Protecting Your Framed Canvas Prints

Posted on January 07 2022

Protecting Your Framed Canvas Prints


One thing that can add value and character to your home is your decor. This is especially true for the wall art you choose to hang up. Without any art pieces, your home may look dull. That is why you need to make sure you can protect your framed canvas prints.

Even if you say your canvas art is sealed in a high-quality frame, the possibility of damage will always be there. All kinds of elements can cause damage. So, your canvas art pieces should be shielded and safe from any trouble.

Common Causes of Damage

Damages don't just randomly appear on your wall art. Most of the time, they are caused by things you can easily avoid. There are things that most people don't realise are actually harmful to their wall art.

To protect your wall art from any damage, you must avoid these common causes of trouble:

- Bad Framing

The purpose of the frame is to flaunt and protect your canvas art. But if you don't frame your piece correctly, you may end up damaging it. If your canvas print doesn't fit on the frame perfectly, it may not be well protected from damage. A bad quality frame may also not hold up, and it may fall off or get broken easily.

- Harmful Environment

Even if you use some of the best frames for your art prints, there will always be elements that can damage them. The damage may not be instant, but they still mean a lot of trouble for your art piece. Humidity, dust, changing temperatures, all these can be bad for your wall canvas print. Thankfully, this is something you can avoid.

- Improper Cleaning

Keeping your wall art clean and polished is a responsibility all art collectors must do. But not everyone knows how to do it right. The wrong cleaning process can damage your art pieces and cause abrasions on the frame, paint, and canvas. There is a correct process you must follow to avoid any mishaps.

- Light

Lighting is essential in every home, and interior designers know about that. Proper lighting can help make your space look more open and fresher. But direct light on your art pieces isn't always a good thing. Over time, sunlight may cause discolourations on your wall art that may be hard to repair. If you ignore how the light hits your art, it may be too late to mend.

- Power of Protection

They say prevention is better than cure. So, if you don’t want your framed canvas prints to get damaged, you need to know how to protect them.

If you consider yourself an art enthusiast, know that leaving your piece vulnerable to harm and defilement is unforgivable. Lucky for you, there are some easy ways to ensure the safety of your collection. Check them out here:

1. Avoid Touching

People don't realise that their fingers can do much damage to their art. Your skin secretes moisture in the form of sweat and natural oils, and these can be bad for your wall art. When handling your canvas prints, avoid directly touching with your bare hands. It's best to wear gloves; this is to make sure you don't transfer your sweat, oils, and fingerprint to your canvas wall art pieces.

2. Monitor Humidity

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of your wall prints. That is why you need to be careful with the moisture in the air. Before you decide to hang up your canvas art, you must first monitor the humidity of the room. If you feel that the space has high humidity, it may not be the best place for your art pieces.

3. Stick to Dusting

When cleaning your canvas wall art, you can't just rub aggressively with a wet rag. Art pieces are very sensitive. Make one wrong move, and you can create huge damage. If you want to polish your wall art, the safest way to do it is by dusting. With a soft duster, you can just brush off all dust particles to keep your collection looking clean.

4. No to Direct Sunlight

As mentioned, sunlight is one of the main causes of damage to your wall art. Hanging up your wall art on a surface that catches direct sunlight may not be a good idea. This can increase the possibility of discolouration and fading. The best thing to do is find a spot that isn't within the light's path but close enough to get illuminated. For this, you may also consider artificial lighting.

5. Consider Acrylic Plexiglass

If the best spot for your wall art is hit with natural light, you can opt for acrylic plexiglass instead of the regular frame glass. UV filtering can help protect the canvas from damage. With it, you won't have to let the sun dictate where you can put up your canvas art print.

6. Keep the Glass Clean

The frame is just as important as the canvas itself. Don't let your art collect dust. Remember to wipe down your glass or acrylic with a soft, non-abrasive cloth or microfibre towel. Being aggressive with the wiping is also not going to help your cause. You should also consider getting a gentle glass cleaner for your framed prints.

7. Mind the Temperature

Your art collection is also very sensitive to temperature changes. The best spot for them is somewhere that's dry and cool. And for storage, a dark room is a good idea. Don't expose your canvas to harsh temperatures because it will get damaged. Find a room in a stable condition for storage.

8. Positioning

Lastly, consider your art piece’s positioning. If there is one thing that can cause unwanted harm to your wall art, it's human error. Before hanging up your pieces, make sure they are on a fixture that can carry their weight. You should also make sure it is somewhere that isn't prone to accidental bumps.

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