Framed Canvas Wall Arts News and Tips

  • The Many Uses of Canvas Wall Art

    Wall art is a very versatile decorative piece, definitely perfect for any home. Read on to learn the uses of canvas wall art in Australian homes like yours.
  • Should You Frame Canvas Art?

    Should you frame canvas art? Or leave it as is? If you are trying to decide whether a frame works well with your canvas print, this article might help.
  • How Much Does a Canvas Print Cost?

    How much does a canvas print cost? How can you order a canvas print? If you’re looking to buy a canvas print, we will answer these questions in this article.
  • How to Clean a Canvas Print Picture

    Do you own a canvas print? As with any piece of art, maintenance is extremely important. Here are a few tips on how to clean a canvas print picture.
  • Types of Canvas Prints

    Canvas prints are great decorative pieces. Looking to put up a canvas print on your wall? Here are the different types of canvas prints you can choose from.
  • What Is a Canvas Print?

    What is a canvas print? What are its uses? Where can you put one up? If you’re curious about this amazing decorative piece, learn about canvas prints here.