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You Asked: How Can I Decorate My Bedroom Walls?

Posted on October 28 2020

You Asked: How Can I Decorate My Bedroom Walls?

Have you recently moved into a new apartment or home? Or do you simply want to give your bedroom a quick revamp? Either way, if you have recently been asking your friends or googling “How can I decorate my bedroom walls?”, know that you are not alone as it can be a bit hard to figure out at first! 

Thinking up the best way to decorate your bedroom wall can be a challenge not because there’s very little to do, but precisely because there is so much you can do with a wall. It’s your own personal canvas, and you have every opportunity to make what you wish. If you need a little help figuring out where to start, here are a few ideas you might like: 

1. Choose an interesting wall colour.

The colour of your wall serves as the core for all other design options you will make for your bedroom. The colour will serve as a base or a backdrop from which other design elements have to coordinate with or ‘pop out’ from.  

One way to give your wall a bit of personality is to choose an interesting colour. Trending today are deep, matte colours, but you can always go for light and airy colours if you prefer that.  

Just make sure you do not choose glossy or semi-glossy paint, as the gloss itself is going to be another visual element that you have to factor in. Often, gloss does not interact well with other design elements, so go for solid matte instead.

2. Or, go for white.

Not only does a white wall look clean and fresh, but it also allows you to be flexible when choosing other design elements. If you are asking “How can I decorate my bedroom walls?” because you feel clueless about where to start, painting that wall white would be your best choice since it will allow you to experiment.  

Or, if you do want to choose an interesting colour but are not too convinced about painting your whole room with that colour, one of the trending design strategies today is to paint just one side of the room with an interesting colour and keep the rest white. It’s usually the side where the bed’s headboard is placed against that will benefit from an interesting colour.

3. Consider adding wallpaper.

Another great way to add personality to your wall is to add wallpaper! Wallpaper adds visual texture to your room, and because it already offers so much in terms of visuals, you can ease up on other elements by choosing solid-coloured sheets and pillowcases or minimalist furniture. 

4. Hang tapestry. 

If you want the visual texture offered by wallpaper but do not want something as hard to undo as wallpaper, add a large piece of textile or tapestry instead. These are easy to put up as well as remove if you want to change it up again in the future.  

Tapestry is known to have colours that dance all over its surface, arranged neatly by exciting lines and patterns, so it should give your room a bohemian feel. Plus, the fact that it’s flowy also creates a relaxing vibe in your room.  

5. Add a mirror. 

Mirrors are becoming more and more popular these days. As a design element, a mirror’s frame and shape offer great visual appeal. But mirrors also help bounce light throughout your bedroom space, and a brighter bedroom is one that feels more spacious and airier 

Mirrors are best placed right by the bedpost or above bedside tables. Choose one that reflects your personal style, as it is going to serve as a frame for the best picture of all – your reflection!  

6. Add shelves. 

Shelves are the perfect solution for those who want to be flexible with their bedroom wall design. With shelves, you can change up your design theme anytime you want. Add indoor plants and light-wood elements and you get an indoor-jungle type bedroom wall. Or, add whimsical or vintage pieces and you get a 90s-tribute wall. You can add picture frames as well. 

If you are the type who needs a change every now and then, add shelves and make sure they are of minimal design so they do not interfere with whatever you add to them. 

Decorate Bedroom Walls: Add Shelves

7. Mount a major statement piece. 

A major statement piece can be all you need to make an empty wall look interesting. An interesting sculpture, a vintage bike, or other similar pieces will fill up the whole space, saving you heaps of time while also giving your wall a major boost.  

Keep in mind that these pieces will be heavy, so make sure they are securely bolted to the wall. 

8. Turn it into a gallery wall. 

Opting for a gallery wall allows you to add all sorts of pictures or prints. You can have a few that offer visual appeal – prints or posters in colours that blend well with your wall, sheets, or furniture. You can put them up alongside pictures of your best memories with your family and friends. You can also put up images that inspire you or relax you.  

And, if you choose prints in different sizes and orientations, you can create a gallery wall where the pieces come together in harmony even though each one of them is completely unique. Creating a gallery wall is a great opportunity to get those creative juices flowing!  

9. Add canvas prints

Canvas Prints can fill up a space while helping you create visual harmony for your wall. Take a trio, for example. A trio is simply a set of three canvas prints put up side by side – each print is a unique image, but all three falls under the same theme (in terms of colour or type of art i.e. abstract.) It’s clean and minimalist, but it turns your wall into a mini art installation section. 

Decorate your wall using canvas prints from Art Goat  

The answer to the question “How can I decorate my bedroom walls?” is simple – choose pieces that speak to you. Your bedroom is that one place in the whole world that’s just yours, so it’s important that it reflects who you are and what makes you happy.  

Looking for pieces that inspire you to make your bedroom your own? You’ll find them here at Art Goat. Check out our catalogues today. For enquiries, message us via our website’s contact form.