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Celebrating Australian Landscapes Through Wall Art

Posted on March 25 2021

Celebrating Australian Landscapes Through Wall Art

Every little trinket that you leave around your house is a small piece of yourself, even the art that you hang up on your wall reflects who you are as a person. That is why those who love the outdoors have landscape wall art all over their homes.

Well, who doesn’t enjoy staring at a beautiful view? Even at home, it’s always nice to dream of the places we wish to see one day. And if you are someone who has been to these places, doesn’t it make you want to go back when you see these pictures?

In a time when staying-at-home is the most responsible thing to do, it does become hard not being able to go visit the places you used to go to. The pandemic threw a painful punch to everyone’s sense of adventure. We're all left being travel-deprived and wondering if things have changed since the last time we left our homes.

The only thing that people have to keep their outdoorsy selves intact are images of the Australian landscape. They have these images showcased in their homes in hopes that one day, they get to see them again. In a period where your greatest adventures are from the bedroom to the kitchen, it’s nice to celebrate the Australian landscape through wall art.


Landscape Art 

You probably still remember that time in preschool when you were asked to draw the mountains, the sea, and whatever view you can think of. That is what you call landscape art.

Any image depicting the view of a natural scenery is landscape art. In early times, views and sceneries were only used as a background for a certain subject. Landscape was not yet the focus of many artists during those times.

In the late 15th century, images with very detailed landscape backgrounds emerged. This started the trend of supporting main figures with a view that was detailed and outstanding in their own right.

As art styles changed, the depiction of landscapes also changed. In the 19th century, artists began showing more passion and drama together with their landscape paintings. And in the Impressionist era, artists used visible brushwork and superb usage of colour to depict light and weather.

The invention of the camera also changed the game for landscape images. Photographs of nature and various sceneries have taken the world. Now, anyone with a phone camera and maybe even a premium subscription to photo editing apps can turn themselves into landscape artist. With art like this, it becomes easier to remember the beauty of the world around us.


Australian Landscapes

A person should be able to see the great views their homeland has to offer. So, if you are from the Land Down Under, you shouldn’t miss the chance to see what Australia has to offer.

But in times like these, it’s hard to get from one destination to the next. All you can do now is take in the views through photographs and artistic depictions. If you want to celebrate the beauty of Australia, you can hang up landscape wall art.

Below are some locations in Australia that offer majestic views and make a great subject for landscape wall arts:

If you want to connect to a spiritual place, an image you can put is the Grampians National Park. This place is rich in Aboriginal culture. It is also where you can find stunning sandstone mountain ranges, and a panoramic landscape. You are sure to feel like you’ve escaped your home when you lose yourself while staring at this image.

Everyone loves a good road trip. And what better way to remember the time you went for a nice long drive is to see the image of the Great Ocean Road. You can just imagine yourself, cruising down the road, taking in the sea breeze, and forgetting that you are actually just at home.

If you are more into staring at odd shapes in nature, your wall art should be of the Twelve Apostles in Victoria. These limestone formations would be a great addition to your living room. You can even have it in your bedroom and imagine that’s the view from your window.

If you are a fan of luscious green forests, you can hang up a wall art image of the Daintree Rainforest. This landscape wall art would be great in rooms where you want to feel connected to nature. If you are going for a jungle-themed room, this landscape art could also be a great piece.

There are so many wonders that Australia has to offer. One of them is Lake Hillier. With its pink water, the image of this lake would perfectly fit in any pastel room in your house.

If you are longing for the sound of the rushing waters, you could go ahead and hang up an image of Jim Jim Falls. An image of the twin falls would be perfect in your bathroom. You can imagine as though you are under the waterfall as shower water hits your back.

If you want to fill your house with an image of a place that is filled with adventure, you should have a wall art of Nitmiluk National Park. This place has all things fun like river rapids and plunging waterfalls. Place this in any room of your home, and you are sure to remember your adventures.

The Australian Outback is the perfect image of adventure. Here, you can find all kinds of rock formations like the Uluru. Plus, let’s face it, the image of red rocks and blue skies will catch anyone’s eyes.

If you still aren’t over beaches, well neither is this list. One of the places that make you wish you lived by the ocean is the beaches of the Whitsunday Islands. Nothing really beats an image of white sands and blue waters.

Your home should be a reflection of who you are. If you are a person who loves to travel, you should fill your house with images of the places you’ve been to or want to go to. And what country has some of the best sights to see than our very own Australia. To celebrate the wonders of our country, you should get yourself Australian Landscape Wall Art pieces.