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Types of Canvas Prints

Posted on September 29 2020

Types of Canvas Prints By Art Goat

If you want to add a little more colour or flair in your space but don’t feel like spending too much time or effort on interior decorating, getting a canvas print or two would be the best option for you.  

Canvas Prints are incredibly easy to put up. Simply fix a hook into your wall and hang your piece, and voila – lonely and empty wall looks brand new in an instant! Canvas prints also add more layers of artistry within your space. Depending on the print you choose, it can either complement your existing design elements or stand out as the head-turner.  

There’s a lot of variety and flexibility to be experienced when it comes to using canvas prints as interior decorating pieces; the whole process from choosing to installing will definitely be an enjoyable one for you.  

If you’re looking to put up a canvas print on your wall soon, this guide will explain the different types of canvas prints available to help you choose which one is best for you.

Types of Canvas Prints


First of all, what is a Canvas Print?

A canvas print is an image printed onto a fabric made of either hemp, cotton, or linen. Canvas prints are excellent at absorbing colour because of the material of the canvas itself, which means that what you will get is an image that’s as high-quality as can be. Many even (happily) confuse canvas prints with oil paintings because of their quality.  

You may have encountered canvas prints along hotel corridors, on the walls of cafes or restaurants, or even in funky bathrooms. It’s hard to miss the ambience that a canvas print helps create. The feelings that the image in a print evoke can directly create the overall mood in a space. A beach-themed print in a cafe can inject some of that good island vibe that makes people feel relaxed. Or, conversely, a dark, dramatic abstract print can create a contemplative mood in a hotel lounge.  

That’s the fun part about choosing canvas prints – deciding what ambience you’d like to achieve!


Types of Canvas Prints 

By image type

Personalised or custom canvas prints

These are canvas prints that have your photos printed onto them. Common custom prints are family photos, keepsakes of milestones like graduation days or wedding days, and baby photos.  

When it comes to special photos like these, canvas prints are considered the best option. Not only would the print itself be of excellent quality; the photos themselves are printed onto durable canvas, which means there’s no need for any protective covering such as glass. There’s no risk of frames falling to the ground or breaking, and it’s the best option for child safety as well.

Stock images Canvas Prints

These are ready-made prints of stock photographs or artwork. You can buy these directly out of art print shops. Stock-image prints are usually classified according to where the image or artwork falls under – examples are abstract, retro, floral-themed, children’s art, and more. 

Stock-image prints are the ones that are great for interior decoration. With how many options there are available, there’s certainly one that you’ll feel would be a welcome addition to your space!

By display options 

Single panel Canvas Prints

Single panel prints are the usual ones you see: one image, one print. It is the simplest way to display a canvas print, perfect for those who have more constricted wall spaces or are simply trying out canvas prints for the first time.  

Types of Canvas Prints: Single Wall

Multi-panel Canvas Prints

Multi-panel prints are those that have the image split up into different sections, and the sections are printed onto a separate canvas each. You then display the whole set side by side.  

Multi-panel prints are not to be confused with a set of common-themed single panel prints. The former is just one big picture, split up into different canvases. The latter involve choosing different images that may fall into the same theme or colour scheme. An example would be a spring-themed set: three different images of flowers put up on the same wall (this achieves variety in terms of colour!)


Interior decoration tips: where each of these types of canvas prints works best 

Custom prints: the living room.  

If you have a dedicated section in your living room for family photos, a custom print will be a welcome addition to it. You can put up one big family photo canvas print on the wall, right above the table where you usually have smaller pictures in frames. It’s a great way to lead your guests’ eyes to your pictures when they walk in! 

Stock images: anywhere! 

Stock images are so versatile that there’s a place for them in almost every corner of the house – the living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, even your outdoor chill-out area in the back of your house. They’re easy to switch out in between seasons, too, if you’re regularly updating your interior decor to match the season! Just have your seasonal-themed canvas prints at the ready for when a new one rolls around.

Single panel: anywhere! 

Yes, you can put single panel prints anywhere you like, but what you have to consider here are the size and shape. How much wall space would you like it to take up? Choose your dimensions according to that. Also, you’re free to choose whether you want a square or a rectangular print, and whether you prefer a landscape or portrait orientation. 

Multi-panel: living room, dining area, or bathroom. 

Multi-panel prints are great for those who have wider wall space. They often steal the attention in the room, so they’re great for spaces where your guests would frequent, i.e. the living room and dining area. But if you also want to spruce up your bathroom, multi-panel prints are just what that empty space above your bathtub needs! That way, your pick-me-up baths will feel extra special.


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