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About Art Goat

Wall Art from Melbourne-based Art Goat 

Welcome to Art Goat, your go-to shop among wall art shops in Melbourne. At Art Goat, we love art and interior design as much as you do, and we are committed to providing you with the best and highest quality pieces to be put up on your walls.

Many homeowners, business owners, and interior design enthusiasts have decorated their walls with our pieces, and every time, we feel beyond honoured to contribute to someone’s daily living experience through art.

Our art prints reach Melbourne clients as well as those from other parts of the country. With every piece we send out, we grow much stronger, and we are constantly so grateful for our clients’ support!  


Different Themes, Colours, and Artists

There is much variety in our collection because we truly believe in the work of the artists who make these art prints. Each of these artists has their unique perspective on art, interior decoration, and life in general, and this allows them to bring their flair and edge to the table. This is why you will see a full range of unique designs at our collection of art prints in Melbourne.

No matter what your personal preferences are, you will definitely find a piece and an artist that matches your style here at Art Goat.


Affordable Art Prints 

At Art Goat, we believe that awesome interior decoration elements such as art prints should be affordable. After all, the way you experience your indoors will affect the quality of your life. The better your interior space is, the better your mood, the more productive you will feel, the more welcoming your space becomes to guests, and the happier you will be overall. We believe that this is an experience Aussies deserve to have.

We pride ourselves in offering great prices for high-quality products. When it comes to affordable canvas art in Australia, we are the wall art Melbourne supplier to turn to.


All For Sustainability  

We manufacture these framed art prints in Melbourne; they will arrive at your doorstep already framed in durable and gorgeous Australian Oak frames. The light, neutral tone of Australian Oak allows it to blend within any space, so it should work perfectly and seamlessly with the colours in your chosen pieces or the palette of your interiors. Plus, Australian Oak lasts a long time, so your prints can stay with you through the years. Our canvases and frames are sourced sustainably, as we are also committed to doing right for the environment.


Free Shipping   

If you are located within Australia, no need to worry about added shipping costs. We ship for free within Australia. Whether wall art shops in Melbourne are just a short drive from your home, or a whole plane ride from your home, shipping is 100 percent free! 


Wall Art From Melbourne Delivered Straight To You

If you are currently browsing for wall art shops in Melbourne, you’ll be delighted to realise that the search stops here! View our catalogue now and you’re guaranteed to find a piece of wall art that will truly speak to you. Order through our website now. For enquiries, you may leave a message via our website’s contact form.