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What Is a Canvas Print?

Posted on September 28 2020

What is a Canvas Print?
What staying home this much has taught so many of us is that one’s home must be as beautiful, serene, and inviting as possible. This is not only about aesthetics, although that would be a big factor! This is also about creating a certain ambience within one’s space. What ambience you have indoors can directly affect your mood, and your mood at home makes up your overall home living experience.

Since our homes are our sanctuaries – the place we retreat to after long days in the busy world outside – it would be great to come home to a place that feels exactly like what a sanctuary ought to be! One of the ways to achieve that is to get a bit more serious about interior decoration.  

If you are not sure where to start, one simple decorative piece that can make a huge difference in your space is something called a canvas print. What is a canvas print? Why should you get one? Where can you put it up? We will answer all these questions in this article.

What is a Canvas Print


What Is a Canvas Print?

A canvas print is an image printed onto a canvas. Canvas is a fabric whose main material is hemp. But there are also many canvas prints printed onto cotton and linen-based fabric as well.

Canvas print shops usually use an inkjet printer to print the image onto the canvas, and the result is a high-quality photo. How? Through the material of the canvas itself. The canvas is great at absorbing colour that canvas prints are thought to closely resemble paintings. 

You may have anything printed onto a canvas. Family photos, for example, may be printed onto a canvas; many prefer this because a canvas print would not actually require protective material such as glass (which is breakable and may be dangerous for kids!)  

Canvas print shops also offer ready-made prints of a range of images, everything from abstract, dreamy watercolour shapes to all kinds of artistic interpretations of landscapes, seascapes, and other sceneries. These pieces are what would work well as decorative items. 


Why Should You Get a Canvas Print? 

1. You add so much artistry to your space by doing so little.

Canvas prints are perfect for those who want to improve their interior decoration game but are not quite sure where to start. It’s pretty straightforward – grab a few pieces and put them up on a lonely, empty wall. And just like that, your indoors will have ten times more personality than it used to!

One of the best ways to choose a canvas print is to consider the colour scheme in your space. If you have more whites, blacks, or neutrals, you may either choose a canvas print within that colour scheme or get one that has colours that will pop in your space, just to balance out the neutral feel. Or, you can consider the vibe you’re trying to establish. For example, if you want to make a home feel like a staycation destination, go for beach-themed prints!

You get to achieve a gorgeous effect, but all you will have to do is really just to hang something up a wall – easy-peasy.


2. There’s guaranteed to be one that suits your taste.

There are so many types of ready-made canvas prints available that it would be nearly impossible not to find one that doesn’t fit your style!

If you want to achieve a dramatic effect, go for darker-themed prints. If you want that light and airy feel to match your spring-themed throws or cushions, go for floral prints or plant-themed prints. If you’re setting up a playroom for your kids, you’ll love prints that have whimsical, colourful sketches (which can also inspire your kids to make their own drawings!)

Whatever your purpose for your next DIY Decoration Project, you will find a canvas print that fits squarely within your preferences. 


3. Putting up canvas prints is space-saving option.

If you’re a little tight on space but don’t want to leave your indoors bland and dry, a canvas print is your ultimate solution. They wouldn’t take up any of your moving rooms space (i.e. floor area). And as they’re basically your wall’s “new way to be a wall”, the only real amount of space it will take up is a few inches off of the wall. This is a great option for those who are living in more constricted spaces such as city apartments, tiny houses, or micro-apartments that are in-trend right now.


Where Can You Put Up Canvas Prints?

Living room

    The living room is the canvas print’s most popular location. Here is where you receive and entertain guests, so you want to make sure it’s as inviting as can be! A gorgeous canvas print can also serve as a conversation starter for when you have people over. 

    Wall Prints For Living Room


    Dining area or kitchen  

      Although it’s sometimes overlooked, your daily meals should be a whole dining experience. Canvas prints, along with great choices of cutleries, warm indoor lighting, and sleek modern furniture, can actually make food taste ten times greater because of the mood you would be in when eating. Canvas prints for the kitchen usually come in three’s, and they’re placed above the benchtop or just by the dining table.



        Of course, your bedroom is your sanctuary within your sanctuary. What’s great about choosing canvas prints for the bedroom is you get to fully express yourself through your choice – you get to determine what type of visuals truly make you feel at ease.  



          Just put up a canvas print in your bathroom and you instantly transform it from a purpose-built space to one that inspires both relaxation and creativity! Canvas prints are best placed above the toilet, sink, or bathtub. 


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