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How Much Does a Canvas Print Cost?

Posted on October 01 2020

How Much Does a Canvas Print Cost?

Canvas Print are excellent additions to your space’s overall interior design. First, canvas prints are the economical choice. They help you save on space while significantly improving your space’s visuals 

Second, they offer variety. You can have multiple canvas prints in one home, each pointing to a different mood or style.  

Finally, they can help you fully express yourself. Your chosen canvas prints can be a direct reflection of your unique perspective and even your life’s journey thus far. 

Are you considering getting a new canvas print? If so, then you are likely reading this because you are wondering, how much does a canvas print cost? In this article, learn more about canvas prints, how much they cost, and a few helpful tips to keep in mind before purchasing one.


How Much Does a Canvas Print Cost? 

The price of a canvas print is affected by several factors (which will be discussed in just a bit.) But generally, you can expect a standard-sized canvas print – one that is designed to be put up on a wall – to be around $200 to $400.  

Square wall prints usually have sizes set at 50cm x 50cm, while portrait or landscape-oriented wall prints are at 70cm x 50 cm. Canvas prints in these dimensions will fill up an empty wall with just the right amount of space – big enough to be noticed, but just the right size such that there is enough negative space to bring it out.

landscape-oriented wall prints


Factors that affect a Canvas Print’s Cost:


Of course, the bigger, the pricier. While the dimensions mentioned above are what you may usually find on art shops, there are prints bigger than those to accommodate more specific requests, and those will sit at around $400 to $500.  

Conversely, if you want a smaller print, like a 30cm x 30 cm or 24cm x 24cm family photo to be placed on a side table or even just by your office desk, the price range would be at $50 to around $100.  


Canvas prints designed to be put up as wall art were created out of the incredible talent and creativity of an art shop’s partner artists. The amount of hard work and effort it took to produce these gorgeous prints also factor into its final price. It’s all worth it, though – you will be putting up a slice of creative energy in your space, which makes for both great visuals and a great indoor ambience overall.  

Tools and equipment used to prepare the image  

A lot goes into producing a high-quality canvas print. What printers were used, where the canvas itself was sourced, what material the frame is – all these get factored into the price. When choosing an art shop or printing shop, feel free to ask these questions as these would directly affect the quality of your canvas print.  

Special requests  

These are for special cases. For example, when you want to have a photo edited before you have it printed, or if you would like to commission an artist to create an image just for you. The costs for these special requests may go on top of the price of the product itself. Most shops would be happy to accommodate you on these requests though, so your best move is always to ask questions and express your requests!


A Few Tips For Choosing Canvas Prints: 

Choose one that truly speaks to you 

Quality canvas prints should be both a financial and personal investment. It would be best if you choose a canvas print that evokes positive feelings every time you look at it. Whether you are looking to get a custom-made print or a ready-made one, you would have the best experience if your canvas print means something to you personally. That way, you will be happy with your choice, and it will be worth how much money you put in.  

Ask about exactly what you would be spending for  

As mentioned above, feel free to ask the art shop staff about the prints you are looking to get. While there are a few common factors that affect the price of canvas prints, each canvas print business is different. They will each have different standards or reasons for the price tags they’ve attached to their prints.  

Aside from asking, “How much does a canvas print cost?”, you will also want to know where and how their materials are sourced, who the artist is, how long the print is expected to last, or other similar queries.  

Pro TipSupport a business that sources their materials sustainably. That way, not only will you have a gorgeous art print put up in your home, you will also be supporting the big social move towards environmentally friendly practices. 

How Much Does a Canvas Print Cost?

Start small  

If it’s your first time purchasing art prints and you just want to test out what it could do for your space, start with a standard-sized print at the minimum price. What’s great about art prints is that they work well in any space in your home, and they are incredibly easy to move around as well. So, try one out, move it around different sections of the house to see where it works best, and if you are loving the energy it brings into your home, add to your collection!  

When growing your collection, also consider getting matching prints. You have the option of putting up multiple single-panel prints on one wall – these are great for spaces such as the dining area or the bathroom. You can always rearrange them or move them to a different section if you need another change-up.  

Starting with one or a few and then gradually increasing your collection is a great way to manage your interior decorating budget. You hit two birds with one stone: you would be making choices that are within your budget frame, and you would also be taking the time to consider how you feel about certain pieces.


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