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How Canvas Wall Art Can Make You Happy

Posted on October 25 2021

How Canvas Wall Art Can Make You Happy

Everyone knows that art is a way of expressing your feelings. With the use of colour, strokes, and various imagery, you can convey different emotions to your audience.

As an art enthusiast, you understand that there are other emotions you can take in from art. One of these emotions is happiness. So, how exactly does canvas wall art make you happier? If you want to know more about the connection between art and emotion, read on below.


Art and Emotion

There are various studies focusing on the connection between colour and human emotion. That is one of the appealing factors of aesthetics; the way it arouses emotion in you. A good explanation for this is how we recognise and assign certain colours with different emotions.

When you see red, your brain identifies it as the colour of rage, fury, and fire. The same goes with yellow, a colour highly associated with sunshine, summer, and positivity. Because of this pre-existing association of colour and emotion, we have different feelings when we see colours.

Other than colour, your brain can also detect familiar patterns and scenes within an art piece. It can find meaning in different shapes and settings in an image, no matter how vivid it seems. This leads your brain to let you experience certain emotions that are associated with these familiar scenes.


Art and Expression

Art is believed to be the expression of what an artist feels. It serves as a reflection of their inner state. But the feelings present in the art does not have to belong to the artist only. Artists may want you to feel the emotions they are trying to express, but they also want you to have your own feelings and perspective towards the piece.

Each artist has their creative process, so their way of expressing themselves can be different from each other. These artists also understand that art never truly abides by any rules.

Whatever genre of art is presented, whether abstract or contemporary, the way they are understood depends greatly on the viewer. This means that the viewer’s perception of the art is just as important and as relevant as the message the artist is trying to convey. This also means that there could be no wrong understanding of an art piece. For as long as it is taken to heart and seen in different aspects, the art, its meaning, and what it expresses, can be different for each person.


How Canvas Wall Art Makes You Happier?

Post-impressionist painter Paul Cezanne once said, “a work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.” Whether you are an artist or a viewer, art will always bring out something in you. Art will affect you one way or another. Even the canvas wall art you have in your homes can make you feel things. That is why having them there is important. They create a positive vibe that is good for you and your home.

In the next sections, let’s discuss some ways how wall art makes you happier.

1. Relieves Stress

Art is one of the most popular stress relievers known to man. Looking at the colours and shapes in an art piece can help you relax and meditate. That is why some people go to art galleries and museums for a day of peace. Since your home is your safe space and comfort zone, having canvas art is great for you.

2. Encourages Creative Thinking

One way a person becomes happier is when they are expressing their creativity. With art, they get to use their creative thinking skills to try and find the meaning behind every art piece. Creativity doesn’t just mean creating art; it also means thinking outside the box to explain an image.

3. Relaxes You

No matter how wild or bold the colours and patterns on an art piece is, you will always find yourself staring at it. Art has a way of letting you zone out and look. It will allow you to explore every corner of the canvas and lead you through every pattern until you snap back to reality. You will find yourself staring at a painting and just feeling satisfied.

4. Beauty and Love

If one thing captures the essence of beauty and love, it has to be art. The vision of beauty can give your brain the same reaction it gets to the feeling of love. This means that looking at a beautiful art print at home can help you fall and stay in love.

5. Puts Brain to Work

Art is very stimulating. Even without sound or movement, it can put your mind to work. It keeps you interested. There has never been anyone sad about being interested in something so wonderful. Looking at art can actually exercise your brain in a way that you are sure to enjoy.

6. Creates an Escape

Everyone has had that moment where they stare at a painting and just lose their sense of reality. This is an escape that can only be brought by looking at a stunning art piece. Art can be very enlightening and can take you far beyond your imagination.

7. Triggers Dopamine

There is a science to the happiness brought by art. When you look at beautiful artwork, you get the feeling of joy, awe, and love. This is because the sight of beauty can trigger dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is responsible for the feeling of pleasure.

8. Art Is Eternal

Time and time again, art has proven to be the thing people turn to in times of crisis. When the world was at a stop, it was art that kept everyone company. The desire to make the world even better is always seen through the eyes of an artist. And this change always starts with a canvas wall art in your home.


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