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Plant Wall Art Prints for the Plant Parent's Home

Posted on June 02 2021

Plant Wall Art Prints for the Plant Parent's Home

The trend of growing and taking care of plants in your home has become a global phenomenon. A lot of adults have put on their gloves and put their green thumbs to work. And it doesn’t just stop in the garden, the love for plants has reached such an extreme level that people even get plant wall art prints to decorate their homes. If you are in the market for the best plant wall art, you should read on to find a print that you might like.


What Is Plant Parenting?

It's not really that hard to become a plant parent. Taking care of plants is all there is to it. But in a time of a pandemic, when everyone is forced to stay home, people have spent most of their days just taking care of their greenery.

Over time, people have enjoyed growing plants so much, it’s become an obsession for others. This has even changed the way people have lived because they have said that the air in their homes has become so much cleaner since they started becoming plant parents.

Being a plant parent starts with getting yourself a few succulents, so you don’t have to think about them too much. It then moves on to bigger potted plants like the snake plant. And before you know it, you’ll be growing your own tomatoes in your garden.


The Obsession

When a person reaches their peak of being a plant parent, it shows in the way they accessorise and design their spaces. You will see them with plant bags and pictures all over their rooms. They will make their love for plants known to everyone around them. You'll see them with plant bags, plant-printed clothes, and even plant-shaped accessories.

If you ever find yourself becoming a plant parent, don’t feel ashamed. This is your chance to flaunt it.


Plant Wall Art Prints

There is no judgement when it comes to the way you decorate your space. It is an expression of who you are and what you love. That is why, no matter what anyone says, you get to decide how your space should look. And when it comes to your desired decor, you can always go all out.

If you are a full-pledged plant parent, you can decorate your space with plant wall art prints. Your love for greenery isn’t something that you should hide. Just like your plants, your obsession should also see the light of day. So, if you are looking for the best wall art to hang in your space, here are some prints that you might find interesting:

Doodle Garden - KELLIE DAY

Being a plant parent takes a lot of responsibility. You need to take serious care of your plants. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun time with your decor.   

Just look at this canvas wall art piece. It is a fun way of expressing your appreciation for your flowers. This is the perfect piece if you want to cut down the seriousness of your space.  


Happy Place - MARY URBAN

2. Happy Place - MARY URBAN

One of the many reasons why people love flowers is because of the way they give colour and life to your garden. They take away any dullness and give you a picture-perfect scene every day.   

That is why it is also a good idea to decorate your space with images of colourful flowers, just like this piece. These happy colours can turn your space into a happy place.


Birch in the Fog II - ALLISON PEARCE

3. Birch in the Fog II - ALLISON PEARCE

Some people surround themselves with millions of plants to achieve the cottage core aesthetic. They want to feel like they live somewhere far from modernisation without actually losing access to technology. To be fair, it is quite peaceful to imagine yourself living in the middle of the woods, with nature as your neighbour.

This piece is perfect for that aesthetic because it gives you the feeling of looking out the window and seeing nothing but trees.


A Gathering of Friends I - VANESSA AUSTIN

4. A Gathering of Friends I - VANESSA AUSTIN

Imagine yourself in a garden filled with beautiful flowers. There is quite a serenity to it. It's like hanging out in blissful silence with your closest companions. The flowers around you can make you feel less alone. They bring a peaceful kind of friendship to a world that’s full of trouble. If you want to fill your space with a peaceful companionship, this wall art may be the one you need.  


5. Joyful in July III - SHIRLEY NOVAK

In a time when most of the things we hear on the news aren’t so pleasing, we must always find a reason to smile. No matter how hard life gets, you need to look at the beautiful things and smile. That is why it is a good idea to hang up this piece in your space. This can arouse a feeling of a happy summer day even when you are at your lowest.  



6. Boho Cacti I - TAVA STUDIOS

They say the first stage of being a plant parent is getting yourself a succulent. These plants don’t really need much attention which makes them perfect for first-time plant lovers. If you have become a full-fledged plant parent, you can memorialise how you started by getting this wall art piece.


Forest Shadows IV - MOIRA HERSHEY

7. Forest Shadows IV - MOIRA HERSHEY

A lot of people make being a plant parent their personality trait. But it doesn’t have to be yours. You can choose to be as subtle about it as you want. Being a plant parent just means you love taking care of plants. This also means that the wall art you choose doesn’t have to be that loud. You can have this piece in your space for a subtle yet elegant feel.


8. Eucalyptus I - CAROL ROBINSON

Most people find that they don’t need a wild image as their decor to prove that they are plant parents. They just want a wall print that suits their taste. The essence of a perfect wall decor is that it stirs a feeling inside you and complements the look and feel of your space, just like this framed print. It doesn’t take too much attention, but when you look at it, there is a certain calmness that it brings.


Get Plant Wall Art Prints Now!

If you want to show the world that you are a proud plant parent, you need to get yourself the perfect plant wall art prints. And for the best wall art in Australia, you can check out our collections to find the one that suits your style.