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Retro Wall Art: Colour Blasts from the Past

Posted on June 24 2021

Retro Wall Art: Colour Blasts from the Past

When it comes to art, trends always come and go. But some art styles are so remarkable, they define a period in human history.  

One example is retro aesthetic. When the styles of the past are acknowledged in present times, this is what we call retro. Even in your decor, retro pieces are also given recognition. That is why a lot of people decorate their homes and offices with retro wall art from Australia.


Exploring Retro

In its truest form, retro style and design are when trends from the past are used as an inspiration for new designs. Even in art, when an image from previous generations is presented in a modern way, this could be defined as retro. This does not mean that something is copied, but it is something that has characteristics that are taken from the past styles.   

For an item to be counted as retro, it needs to have originated from at least 20 years ago, but it can’t be too old that it crosses the line to vintage. When it comes to art and design, most people would consider styles from the 50s until the 90s as the basis for retro. When an artwork brings you a feeling of nostalgia, this is a definite sign of being retro.


The Retro Appeal  

Everyone loves retro art because of the nostalgic feeling it brings. It's like looking at a window to the past and seeing the beauty of that time. But more than just its emotional appeal, the retro art style is also very incredible. Here are some of the things that make retro art so appealing:


When you look at an image from the past, you will see that they are very playful. From fun poses to quirky characters; not to mention the eccentric patterns, you can see that artists put a lot of imagination into their works. They bring out a comical side to the era that it’s from.  


Another thing that attracts people to retro art is its use of colours. From muted tones to bizarre neon colours, the colours are always something to see. No shade is ever out of place, and they always seem to provoke the right emotions.  


When it comes to graphics, retro art is always on point. With the use of different shapes and colours, retro art can take a flat image to a whole new level. Nothing represents retro art style more than funky patterns and neon signs. These are true testaments to the bold imagination of the past.  


Retro Art Design Tips

If you want to create a space that’s fun and full of character, the best solution for that is getting retro wall art. This fun art style is perfect for anyone looking to step outside what they are used to when it comes to interior design.  

If you are unsure how to decorate your space with retro art, here are some tips for you:

  • Decide on a Theme  

First, you need to decide on a theme. When you say theme, this could mean an era that inspires you, whether that’s the 80s or 90s. You can also choose if you want to go for pop art, grunge, or retrofuturism. Picking the main aesthetic of your space can help you refine the details of your space.  

  • Create Focal Points  

The thing about wall art is that it can get anyone’s attention in an instant. If you have the right pieces in the right places, you can create the main attraction in your space. This gives guests a place to focus on. This can also help distract people from the less interesting spots in the room. 

  • Use Colours and Prints  

As mentioned, prints and colours are some of the things that make retro art appealing. That is why you shouldn’t be afraid to get wall art that uses bold colours and wild prints and patterns. Getting prints like these will help complete your retro aesthetic.  

  • Mix Your Pieces  

Retro is defined as the incorporation of past styles into a modern presentation. That means you shouldn’t leave out your other wall decor. Mix your retro pieces with different kinds of art. This gives your space a more balanced feel.  

  • Create an Inviting Environment  

To create a full retro experience, you must also try to improve the vibes of your space. You can’t just rely on your wall art; you also need to have some kind of extra features. You could put some mood lighting or music to set the space. 


Retro Wall Art for You

If you are looking for the perfect retro wall art Australia has to offer, you can check out these retro pieces from Art Goat:


1. Retro Skating - DANITA DELIMONT

Do you remember skating around with your friends? It seems so long ago when you guys busted out your skateboards are rollerblades and had a good time. If you want to bring back those happy memories, why don’t you get this piece by Danita Delimont? This piece is perfect if you want to look back on your good times on wheels.

Everyone loves going on road trips. Nothing like spending a weekend away from your problems and just living your life. If you want something that captures your sense of adventure, this wall print is perfect for you.
Cocktail Lounge - DANITA DELIMONT
There are some spots that aren’t like they used to. All you have left are pictures and memories of what they were. If you want to get a look at something from the past, you can hang up this art print by Danita Delimont.

There is nothing like the good old summer days to lift your spirits. At times like these, everyone wishes they were at the beach, soaking in the sun and looking past the palm trees. Relive these youthful days by getting yourself this wall art by Brookview Studio.  

Get Retro Wall Art Now!

Retro art can give your space a sense of nostalgia and fun. It can add colour to your life by bringing back the styles of the past. If you are looking for the best retro wall art in Australia, you can find it all in Art Goat.