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What Black and White Canvas Art Can Do for Your Space?

Posted on May 31 2021

Horses Three - ALEDANDA

They say life is full of colour. That is why people go to great lengths to make their space as colourful as possible. But what they don’t realise is there is also so much beauty in black and white. These two colours have so much story to tell. So, if you are looking for a way to elevate your space, you should consider getting black and white canvas art. 

Black and white have always been the colours that carry a lot of symbolism. Black is the colour of elegance and power. But it can also represent sadness and anger. White, on the other hand, symbolises humility and innocence. No matter how you interpret it, black and white will always be a classic when it comes to art. There are so many ways these colours can give more depth and design to your home.


Why Artist Choose Black and White?

Artists are known for breaking the barriers of tradition when it comes to the work that they put their hearts into. As with any creative mind, they find ways to stray away from the norm and create something beautiful. That is why most artists try their hand at black and white art.

Although this form of art isn’t really new, it does give artists an avenue to let go of the colours they are used to and find comfort in black and white.

Here are some reasons why artists create black and white art:

1. Spotting Errors

When it comes to working with monochrome, it actually becomes easier to spot errors. With only two colours to focus on, you wouldn’t have a hard time looking for any flaws in your work. This makes things easier to fix and can guarantee you perfect artwork. You get to focus on the composition of your art without having to rely on distracting colours to mask your errors.

2. Clarity of Tones

Just like with any colour, black and white can come in different tones. Some of these are harder to notice than most. By working with black and white, you get to see the subtle difference between each tone. This allows you to create seamless transitions and add depth to different parts.

3. Mark Making

One of the things that artists like to do when it comes to art is to illustrate different textures. Just like when creating an image of a body of water, it becomes more convincing when you display the ripples and the waves. By abandoning colour, artists are challenged to create marking that display these textures using unique methods.

4. Expression

Everyone is so used to relying on colours to convey feelings and objects. When you think of anger, you immediately go for red, or if you think of the ocean, you quickly pick up blues. Black and white can express these things on a different level. There is boldness to it without going overboard.


What It Does for Your Space?

It's easy to believe that colours are the only way to elevate your space. What a lot of people don’t realise is that black and white offer just as much charm and complement different colours. You must be wondering why your colourful pieces still can’t give your space the vibe you are looking for. Perhaps what you need is black and white canvas art.  

Black and white pieces are considered a classic when it comes to wall art. Here are some things black and white pieces can do for your space:  

  • Nostalgia
    When we think of black and white, we think of old movies and photographs. They take us back to a time when it was a rare privilege to capture moments and memories in colour. Hanging up black and white wall art can create a nostalgic vibe in your home. It can take you back to a time forgotten by many.   

  • Exclusivity  
    There is something so elegant about black and white art. They hold a certain sophistication. By hanging up these kinds of art, you can create a luxurious vibe in your space. You create a sense of exclusivity that only you and your guest can revel in.  
  • Patterns
    The thing about using black and white is the way they complement each other. These two are the epitome when it comes to opposing colours. So, if they are used for making patterns, you can see them pop and really showcase every detail. Having a framed print art like this can be a scene-stealer for your home.  

  • Clean and Subtle
    Another thing about decorating your space with black and white art is that they always look clean and subtle. There isn’t too much going on in the pieces, that is why they are perfect to give your space a more relaxed vibe. This also means that your space gets a coordinated and consistent look.

  • Stylish
    If there ever was a question about which colours are always in style, the answers would always be black and white. There is no doubt that you can never go wrong with black and white wall art. If you are looking for something to give your home a more stylish look, don’t hesitate to get a black and white piece.

  • Works with Different Colours
    Black and white are such all-around colours. They can work well in any colour palette. Whatever colour scheme you have in your space; your black and white pieces won’t look too out of place. With black and white art, you don’t have to worry about ruining your vision for your space.

  • Matches with any Furniture
    A lot of time, people are worried that the art they bring into their space won't match the furniture they already have. This can be a problem if you already have a vision of how your furniture should look. If you are looking for art pieces that will match what you already have, you can get black and white framed art to make your life easier.


Get Black and White Art Now!

You can never go wrong with black and white art. There is always a way for it to be incorporated with the vibe and design of your home. And if you are looking for the best black and white canvas art in Australia, you can check out our wall art collection.