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Budget Styling: Affordable Wall Art, DIY, and More

Posted on January 14 2021

Budget Styling: Affordable Wall Art, DIY, and More

Need to make your space look more attractive, but your budget is a bit tight? No worries, there are plenty of ways to spruce up a space without having to worry too much about cost. From changing your wall paint to putting up affordable canvas art in Australia, your home will definitely benefit from some thoughtful and wisely budgeted styling. Here are a few tips you might want to consider.

Use wall paint wisely

If you would like to give your space a completely new look, focus your energy on your walls. A newly painted wall would be the most noticeable change you can make, and all it takes is as many paint cans as you need, some rollers, and a good amount of patience and a certain level of attention-to-detail to successfully paint a wall.

One tip you may want to consider is to paint all walls white or off-white, and then choose one to be an accent wall. Your accent wall can be any interesting colour – emerald green, sea blue, a powerful shade of red, you name it.


Repaint furniture or other items as well

The same goes with furniture – a colour change is the most noticeable upgrade you can make on them. Sure, you may want to rearrange your furniture or other decorative items every once in a while, but if you really want a new look, paint them a different colour and it will feel as though you had bought a brand-new piece of furniture.

One of the best pieces to start with is your coffee table. Since it is right in the middle of the room, it can command attention if you want it to. Choose an interesting colour for it, or you can even get creative by painting patterns – multi-coloured splatters of paint, for example!


Use wallpaper (or DIY your “wallpaper”)

Using wallpaper is as budget as budget can be. With a good choice of wallpaper, you are able to totally transform your space. If you do not have the time or the budget for several coats of paint, wallpaper is the way to go. Keep in mind that you may need to tone down on other decorative items to avoid making your space look visually overwhelming. Wallpaper would be a great choice for your accent wall as well.

If you are feeling extra creative, you can DIY your own “wallpaper” pattern. You can try sponge-painting your existing wall, for example, just to give it a little more personality. Or, you can create and paint your own special patterns – not only would this make your wall look attractive, it makes for a fun little activity for you as well.

Budget Styling: Choose Shelves


Choose Shelves

Choosing shelves would be more of a practical choice instead of a budget-styling choice. There are plenty of shelves out there that are sturdy enough for their budget price, while there are others that offer longevity and maximum resistance to wear and tear for a higher price.

Either way, as long as you have got shelves, you would be making the practical choice because that way, you can change up your wall decor anytime you need. Just add, remove, or switch out the items you have on there – small succulents, picture frames, figurines, etc. No need to unbolt anything from your wall; plus, anything you put on a shelf can be transferred to corner tables, the far end of benchtops, or any other flat surface that needs decorating.

You will also enjoy the extra storage space from the shelves. For those who feel they constantly need to change things up in their home to feel inspired and motivated, shelves would be the best choice!


Buy Secondhand

Plenty of people miss out on truly special items when they do not at least consider buying secondhand. Secondhand items have had a bad rap for being impossible to maintain or causing even worse problems – and this would not be totally incorrect, as a lot of homeowners did in fact have poor experiences with secondhand items.

However, the key to buying secondhand is really just to be extra savvy. Learn how to check for damage before buying (when you are buying online, make the effort to visit the seller’s location to check out the item in person.) Most of all, learn to DIY – repair what needs minor tweaks, or make something fresh and new out of something old.

Repurpose Household Items Into Decor

Items such as wine glasses and mason jars can be turned into flower vases. Old shirts with interesting patterns can be sewn together to create a table runner. Even an old 1980s bike can be used as wall decor. When it comes to decorating your own home, the only important thing is that your personality and uniqueness shines through! So, don’t hold back when sitting down to get creative.


Make Use Of Accent Pieces

When you want to style on a budget but also want to buy a few new things, you may want to prioritise what you know can add a whole lot of value to your space. For example, there are plenty of pieces of affordable canvas art in Australia’s art shops that can truly fill out an empty wall beautifully without you having to break the bank.

Or, there are also plenty of interesting secondhand vintage chairs you can use as an accent chair. The definition of homey is when a home is mostly minimalist but has a few accent items that add charm to it.


Change Up Your Lighting

Sometimes, it is not the vases, cushions, throws, or wall paint that needs your attention. It’s your indoor lighting! A lot of people take indoor lighting for granted, but the truth is that good lighting can truly transform a space. It can open your eyes – literally – to the maximum potential your space truly has.

So, make sure that your indoor lighting has a good blend of task and ambient lighting. Perhaps you can add a floor lamp or a few wall sconces to add that inviting mood that only a wash of warm yellow light can give.


Choose a Few Key Pieces of Wall Art To Start

Wall Art can help you set the right tone and mood for any space in your home, whether that be your living room where you receive guests, or your bedroom where you wind down at the end of each day. Anytime you need affordable canvas art in Australia, browse the catalogues on Art Goat and take your pick! For enquiries, leave a message via our website's contact form.