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DIY Interior Design: Wall Art for Your Bedrooms

Posted on February 17 2021

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Your bedroom is a safe space. It is where you rest and forget about all your troubles. That is why a lot of people make sure nothing disturbs their peace in their bedrooms. They also make sure that the whole vibe of the place is suited to them.

From smooth fabric curtains to bright-coloured walls, people decorate their rooms in a way that matches their personality. Many people also try to find wall art for bedrooms in Australia. This being said, even if you are the only one allowed to be in your bedroom, that doesn’t mean you have to settle with simple walls surrounding your bed. Liven up your room by hanging up wall art!


Your Room Should Feel Right

A lot of times, the reason people don’t feel at home in their bedroom is because it doesn't become a sense of familiarity. That’s what makes a well-decorated room so important. It allows you to be in a space that is truly yours.

A room will never feel right if it doesn’t have a familiar feeling to you. You feel like you are in someone else’s space, and that might not be so comforting. For your bedroom to feel right, you need to make it look like it is yours.

Do consider that your comfort zone is somewhere you can feel like yourself. Try showcasing your personality and style through your bedroom decorations. It doesn’t have to be grand; it just has to reflect who you are as a person. Fill the room with things you like, and in no time, you will start to feel like you are right where you belong.


Comfort in Confinement

Getting your own space is very important. You need somewhere to relax, meditate, and rest when the world around you becomes tough. Can you imagine not being able to run away from all your troubles, even for just a night’s sleep?

That would be so hard on you. Having your bedroom is important to keeping your peace. When you're in a space that encourages tranquility, you get to indulge yourself in sleep, silence, and temporary detachment from the rest of the world.

Resting in your bedroom improves your mental and physical health. To expound further, science says that getting a good night’s sleep can boost your immune system, reduces stress, and revitalises your body. It also frees your mind from any problem you're facing, relaxes your brain, and helps you think clearer the next day. So if you can’t sleep well in your bedroom, you night need to do something about it.


DIY Interior Design Tips You Can Try

Your bedroom should be a place where you can rest and relax. But that doesn’t mean it should be bland and boring. Your space should still be pleasing to look at. Giving your bedroom walls some life can change the atmosphere of the whole area.

A trick to making your room feel like it’s yours is to fill it up with things that matter to you. You can also decorate it with wall art for bedrooms. Even changing elements like the lighting, the texture of the sheets, and the colour of your walls can give you even more comfort.

Here are some ways you can improve your bedroom.

1. Maximising Your Space with Furniture

Your bed is the main furniture in your room. Even if your bed comes with a headboard, it will still leave you with a bare wall on the other side of the room. You can maximise this space by adding some furniture. This gives the room some balance.

2. Painting a Mural

When you think of wall art, you think of paintings and the like. Why not create the art on the wall itself? You can paint a mural on your bedroom wall to give it some colour and life. Murals don’t only have to be for kids’ rooms. You can also have one for yourself.

3. Hanging up Fabric

If you don’t want to put so much effort into the art on your wall, you can just hang something. One great thing to have on your wall is a tapestry. This is ideal for those who want to give their rooms that Bohemian aesthetic. All you have to do is nail boho curtains and drapes to the wall or let them hang from a rod.

4. Showing off your Collection

If you are some kind of collector, you can choose to show off your collection. Whether that be hats, scarves, masks, or whatever, you can have them pinned up your wall as a showcase of some sort. This will remind you of the times you found these items and inspire you to collect more.

5. Adding Funky Patterns and Pieces

If you are the bold type, design your wall in a funky way. You can paint cool shapes and patterns on your walls in colours that complement each other. If you don’t want to paint, you can put up art pieces that come in an unusual texture. This will give your room an extra element.

6. Fill it up with Frames

For those who want to go for a slightly minimalistic and modern approach, you can put up frames on your walls. They could be photos of you and your loved ones, or frames quotes that you live by. You can even choose whether you are the same or different frames.

7. Wooden Pieces

A lot of people want to live in a rustic home. That is why they choose to have wooden art pieces on their bedroom walls. If you want a rustic aesthetic, you can install wooden shelves to your wall for extra storage. You can even hang some fresh branches and twigs from a string.

8. Exposed Brick

One of the classic designs for bedroom walls is having exposed bricks. This is a very industrial kind of approach and a timeless look.

Your bedroom is the most important space in your home. If you want to improve it, you can get yourself wall art for bedrooms. This way, you can have a room that’s a reflection of you. For affordable wall art prints, check out our online catalogue here at Art Goat.