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Indoor Island Vibes with Beach-Themed Wall Art and More

Posted on April 08 2021


There are those days when you just want to escape your everyday routine and unwind at the beach. But due to your busy schedule, it’s hard to find the right time for your much-deserved break.

To somehow make this happen, some people simply try to incorporate the beach vibe into their everyday lives. There are many ways to give your space that desired island vibe. You just need to know the right tricks to do it. If you perfect this, you are sure to feel like you are living in a tropical paradise every day.

One way to achieve that beach-vibe while at home is to put up beach-themed wall art in your place. Putting up these art pieces allows you to have an indoor island vibe in your space without having to do a lot. If you want to know more on how to get the perfect tropical look, read on for more ideas.


Creating the Perfect Island Vibe

A lot of people think a full-on renovation is needed to have that beach feel in your home. That couldn’t be any more wrong.

The feeling you get when you are at the beach on a tropical island is something special, it's a mix of excitement and relaxation. And you know what? This feeling is not so hard to recreate. If you are looking to change up your space’s feel and vibe, here are some ways to do that:

  • Welcome Natural Light

One thing that makes your beach experience special is the sun. You see it brighten up the sky, reflect its light on the sea, and you even hide away from it under the shade of the palm trees. To experience that in your space, consider bringing in all the natural light. Open up your windows and say goodbye to drapes for bright natural lighting.

  • Introduce Rustic Elements

Another reason people spend their days on a tropical island is to escape industrialisation. And to achieve that even when at the comforts of your space, incorporate a lot of rustic elements. Choose furniture pieces that are made of rattan and bamboo. Not only will they give that refreshing vibe to your space, but they also add architectural flair to your home. 

  • Bring the Outdoors Inside

A good idea to bring the island vibe into your space is to bring the outdoors inside. How? Extend your indoor space by opening it up. Use this extension as a connection to the outdoors.

  • Make Your Space Comfortable

The main reason people go to the beach is to relax. They want to spend their days in a comfortable spot while enjoying the calming view of the waters. To experience this level of relaxation at home, invest in comfortable furniture pieces like sofas, beds, and ottomans.

  • Put Souvenirs to Good Use

People buy souvenirs before they head home to remind them of their experience on the beach. So, if you have collected these trinkets, why don’t you put them to good use? You can decorate your home with these pieces to give it the island vibe you want. This is also a good way for you to look back at all your great memories at the beach.

  • Put Up Beach-Themed Decors

Consider putting up beach-themed decorations, too. Choose a good wallpaper that reminds you of the sand and the waters. If you don’t want that, you can always just hang up canvas wall art.

  • Choose the Right Colours

One more way to achieve the island vibe you desire is by choosing the right colours. Incorporate calming colours on the walls, furniture pieces, and in other decorations. You can create an initial colour palette and move on from there.


Beached-Themed Wall Art

To complete the look of your space, you can hang canvas beach wall art. You must be wondering “what is a canvas print?”.

Well, it is a way to capture an image and turn it into art. These prints are easy to maintain, and you can conveniently search online for ways on how to clean a canvas print picture.

But what designs should you consider when choosing a beach-themed canvas print to hang in your space? Here are some ideas:
  1. Beach
    Since your goal is to feel like you are by the beach, hang up wall art of the coastline. Fool yourself into thinking you are looking out the window to get a view of the sea.
  2. Shells, Corals, and Sea Creatures
    If your goal is to bring back memories of the beach, hang up images that remind you of the sea and sand. Since shells and pieces of corals are usually found in shallow waters, why don’t you put up prints of these things on your wall? You can also hang images of animals you can only find at the beach.

  3. Palm Trees
    Palm trees are often associated with islands surrounded by the sea. That is why images of this tree are also a great idea for a beach wall art. It gives a pop of green to your chosen colour palette.

  4. Hues of Blue
    If you want to capture that island vibe without being too obvious with the beach theme, you can hang wall art in hues of blue. This keeps the island and beach colour scheme without being too loud.


In Conclusion

There are many ways for you to change the vibe of your home. All you need is to add a bunch of art pieces, and you are good to go.

If you want an island vibe for your space, you should put up beach wall art. Get yours now at Art Goat. You can send us a message through the contact form on our website.