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Should You Frame Canvas Art?

Posted on October 23 2020

Should You Frame Canvas Art

So, you are looking to purchase canvas prints. After going through catalogues and taking careful consideration of your home’s interior design, you have finally found one or several that you believe works best for your space. Now, you are thinking, does this need to be framed? How would a frame change things?

It may seem like a minor detail at first, but design enthusiasts know that framing or not framing canvas art yields two different effects. Plus, in terms of maintenance, homeowners should consider the difference in the amount of effort it takes to maintain one.

So, should you frame canvas art? If you are still currently on the fence about it, this article might help you out! 

In terms of aesthetic, a frame will give a canvas print a finished look. 

If you want to elevate the look and feel of your canvas print, the detail that a frame offers should be more than enough to achieve that for you. The traditional look of a framed print – anything framed, in general, such as pictures or posters – helps in making your decorative elements look more organised. The simple addition of a border around a design element would be a helpful visual guide. 

This finished look or traditional appeal works best when your canvas print is the only piece you have up on a wall. The border directly guides the eye to what it is supposed to be looking at, and especially when the colour of the frame itself is an excellent contrast to the colours in the art piece, you can effectively bring out the best of that piece. You want your canvas prints to be conversational pieces as well, so make sure you get people to notice them! 

Aqua Ocean Waves From Above - MAGGIE OLSEN


The Frame Itself Can Be An Additional Design Element.

Choosing your frame is just as important as choosing the piece itself. These two elements work best when they complement one another. For example, if you have a beach, landscape, or any nature-themed piece, you want a frame that has light or deep wood elements as this helps boost the mood that the picture itself is trying to set.  

Or, if you have more dramatic pieces like black and white pictures or figure sketches, a simple yet sleek dark-coloured frame can offer enough amount of support for the story that the picture wants to tell.  

On the same note, frames as design elements can be factored in into the overall interaction of other design elements in your home. For example, if you already have wood elements like wooden shelves, tables, or chairs, you can maintain that consistency by choosing a wooden frame of the same colour 

Or, if you have a wall with a strong colour like deep greens or charcoal greys, a solid white frame can make your canvas print ‘pop out’ from the wall while also serving as an awesome contrast to the deep colour of your wall.


Frames Help You Maintain Your Canvas Print More Effectively.

In terms of maintenance – which is what most homeowners are mainly interested in anyway – framing your canvas print makes for easier maintenance. Edges are vulnerable to dust, dirt, and other elements, and so leaving your canvas print bare may cause some damage in the long run. While canvas itself is great at absorbing and retaining colour, it wouldn’t hurt to add another layer of security for your picture.  

The frame itself is easy to clean, too. Learn more on how to clean a canvas print here. For regular maintenance, you can simply use a duster to remove dust and then wipe it down with damp cloth to remove whatever amount of dust that the duster wasn’t able to.  

For deep cleans, you can use wood polish and glass cleaners or mix a cleaning solution (this varies, but usually, a homemade cleaning solution contains water and mild dish soap.) Just make sure to remove the print when you are cleaning the frame and make sure it’s fully dry before assembling everything back together, as moisture and water damage may destroy the picture.


Should You Frame Canvas Art All The Time?

The short answer is no. There are many instances when going without a frame could be the better option.  

The best example when you should not frame canvas art is when you have a multi-panel piece. A multi-panel piece is essentially one whole piece that is printed onto three different canvases. The distortion creates an interesting visual appeal. Multi-panel pieces are usually used for larger wall areas or for areas at home where one usually receives guests, such as the living room or the dining area.  

The most common examples of multi-panel pieces are large landscape pieces. What’s great about multi-panel landscape pieces is because a landscape is interesting as a whole picture, and when separated into panels, each of the panels isolates a specific area of the landscape and gives it its own unique appeal. They can be put up as a set, but each piece can hold its own.  

Another example of when it may be ideal not to frame a canvas print is when you want it to fit seamlessly into your overall design. If you want your print to just add some extra visual texture to your space, you can opt to go for non-framed ones. Usually, non-framed prints are hung right by other elements such as hanging plants or sconces. 

If you don’t want your canvas print framed, just be sure to add a little extra effort with maintenance!

So, should you frame canvas art? In the end, it’s all about personal preference

Looking at your canvas prints should make you feel happy, period. Such is the beauty of interior design and art – we want beautiful pieces in our homes because they make us feel calm, creative, or productive. In their own ways, they help us get through long days and savour the moment on the good ones. So, decide with both your head and heart!

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