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The Many Uses of Canvas Wall Art

Posted on January 06 2021

The Many Uses of Canvas Wall Art

Canvas wall art in Australia is not at all uncommon. You would definitely have encountered a few at all kinds of spaces, from homes to restaurants to resorts. This is because canvas wall art prints are some of the most versatile pieces of decor you can find. They can be both the creative and practical choice, and that is something any home or property owner would definitely want. Learn more about the uses of canvas wall art here.


1. Home Decor

Of course, the most common use of canvas wall art pieces is for home decoration. Wall art would be such a great addition to your space. First off, it is able to brighten and add personality to a bland or low-impact corner in any space in your home, but it does not take up too much space. As it simply is added as a “part” of the wall, each wall art print piece is able to pack a punch in terms of aesthetic.

When you need to set a welcoming vibe in your living room, a few key art prints to match your other decorative elements should secure that for you quickly. Or, you can add them to your kitchen – the better the kitchen looks, the better your overall dining experience becomes (yes, the better the food will taste, too.) You can also add art prints to your bedroom wall – choose one that truly relaxes you or helps you meditate. You can even add art prints to your bathroom wall just to make sure you’ve got all bases covered in your home!

What’s also great about art prints is that because of how versatile they are, you can always move them around. You can switch out the living room art prints for the dining area art prints, or the bedroom for the bathroom ones. They offer you plenty of opportunity to change things up in your home every once in a while!


2. Gallery Wall

You can find a wide selection of canvas wall art in Australia which you can use to create a beautiful gallery wall or improve the one you already have. A gallery wall is a wall that contains a spread of framed pieces – photos, memorabilia, awards, and artworks. A lot of homeowners put up a gallery wall either on one corner of their living room or on the wall space right by their staircase. But really, you can put up your gallery wall on any wall on your home.

A gallery wall is great for introducing your family to guests, without saying a word. You can have pictures of your children at their first dances or games, yours and your spouse’s wedding photos, baby pictures, and other captured milestones. Then, you can add texture to those by adding a few art prints here and there. For example, if you have a solid colour wall, an abstract art print in a lighter shade of that colour would be able to balance out those pictures visually.

The fact that art prints come in different orientations, sizes, and shapes will allow you to get as creative as you can! For example, if your picture frames are square, you can go for a collage-style gallery wall by adding rectangular art prints.


3. Office Decor

Your place of work should definitely be the most well-decorated space in your life! Whether you are working out of a home office or in a corporate building, making the effort to decorate your space will definitely go a long way. If you feel good in the place you work in every day, your mind will thank you as this positive mood will allow you to perform at your best.

Plus, if you receive clients or other guests in your office, the way it looks will also impress them or put them at ease. What your office looks like definitely reflects what your own professional and personal values are, so consider it to be a blank canvas through which you can introduce yourself!

What art prints you add on your office wall totally depends on what would be more important for you! If you like to make sure everything looks aesthetically put together, you can make a choice that depends on visual elements such as colour, patterns, or texture (for example, art prints that match the colour of your office chairs.) Or, if you would like more of a conversation-starter piece, choose one that truly has meaning to you, and make sure to place it in a position where it has command – for example, right above your office chair.


4. Restaurant or Cafe Decor 

Canvas wall art would be perfect additions to a restaurant or cafe space. What wall art does to spaces like these is it creates a mood and sets your intentions clear. For example, if you have an island-themed cafe in the middle of the city, you do not have to rake in the actual sand and sea there to help you stay true to your theme. This is when you can count on a beach-themed canvas wall art print! It’s artsy and tasteful, and it helps you set your theme.

Cafes and restaurants would also benefit from the space-saving advantage of canvas wall art prints. If you want to avoid having an empty and boring wall but also do not want to bother your customers with bulky wall decor, wall art prints have got you covered!


5. Gifts

And finally, wall art prints would make for such awesome gifts. Newlyweds in particular will appreciate them so much as they are likely to be moving into a new house soon and will need to decorate bit by bit. Needless to say, wall art prints would be great housewarming gifts!

You can never go wrong with wall art prints as gifts. It would be safe to assume that every single person you know has a wall that needs to be decorated, even just a little bit. Whether that be their living room wall or their bathroom wall, we can all use a little sprucing up in our spaces!


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