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What Your Wall Art Says About You

Posted on November 30 2020

Blank Framed Canvas Wall Decor

Homes say a lot about their owners, and no other spot in a home can say as much about the owner as the walls. Walls serve as your blank canvas – what you “paint” on the canvas reflects your personality or your priorities directly.  When picking out wall art in Melbourne, it’s best to look inward first! If you are thinking about redecorating your wall to make it bring out more of your uniqueness, this article is for you.

Art prints or an art print gallery

Having one or a few art prints up on your wall shows that you are fun and comfortable. Art prints are some of the best pieces of interior decoration you can put up on a blank wall because not only are they pleasing to the eyes, they are also easy to install, and they work perfectly with other design pieces you might have.  

They are able to add charm and vibrance to a space while being uncomplicated. If you are an easygoing person, or you would like for your space to have an easy and relaxed vibe, small and minimalistic art prints are for you. You’ll find wall art in Melbourne to be one of the best things to ever happen in your space. 

Large art print

Putting up a large art print piece on a wide empty wall shows that you want to exude power in the most elegant way. True power comes with subtlety – you want for your piece to draw attention to itself without having to beg for it. Large art prints are dramatic pieces, and they can really set the tone especially when placed in the living room or receiving area. Whether it is a painting or photograph you want to be put up there, it is guaranteed to take charge in the space.

Gallery wall 

A gallery wall reflects your sentimentality more than anything. A gallery wall usually consists of art print pieces, photographs, and memorabiliaHaving these put up on your wall allows you to reminisce and or take a breather anytime you need – for sure, you would only be putting up pieces that conjure up happy memories or inspire good thoughts. A gallery wall also allows your friends and family to take a peek at yours and your family’s journey thus far. If your home is one where you are committed to staying in for the long term, a gallery wall would be perfect for you. 

Gallery Walll Art in Melbourne

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Statement piece  

Having a statement piece shows your creativity. Most of all, statement pieces offer an opportunity to decorate your wall with something that symbolizes you or shows the most unique part of your life. Handmade wood sculptures, a wall relief, a metal art piece – these are only a few examples of statement pieces you can incorporate into your space. There are even some homeowners who recycle vintage bikes or their old car’s car door as wall art pieces! Statement pieces always tell a story, and they are guaranteed to be conversation starters. When choosing a statement piece, it would be helpful to imagine the conversations you want to happen in your space. 

Accent wall 

If all your walls are white but you have one wall with an interesting paint colour and a few design pieces, your accent wall shows that you are balanced. You work hard to earn your keep, but you are also able to let loose when the wine starts flowing and the music starts playing. You are focused and determined when you need to be, and you are able to let go and lay back as well. This also shows that you are minimalist, but you are able to balance out your minimalism with a bit of funk! Sometimes, all a space needs is a pop of colour in one side of the wall to bring in some oomph.  

Showcase fabric 

Covering a blank wall with a piece of printed fabric or a tapestry shows that you are relaxed. Tapestries often give off a bohemian vibe – whether or not your interior design is bohemian-themed, having a tapestry in your space adds in a bohemian element anyway. Tapestries go best with spaces that enjoy a good wash of natural light and fresh air – no different than the ambience of a seaside home. So, if you do have the sea by your home or you are simply looking to capture that ambience, tapestries are for you. 

Mirrors and sconces 

Having mirrors and sconces in your space shows that you value your space. Mirrors help make a room feel bigger, and good interior lighting can also light up a room in such a way that it appears wider. If you have a mirror in your space, you are also likely to have open plan floors and smart storage solutions to maximise the space. Additionally, if you feel comfortable in wide open spaces, you are also likely to be the outdoorsy type of person. A home that feels spacious would be such a great one to come home to for you. 


If you have shelves put up on your wall, that shows that you are practical. Anything can be put up on a wall shelf: books, small succulents, picture frames, memorabilia, and other design pieces you can fit there. Shelves are incredibly versatile in terms of function, and – when designed creatively – their form itself can serve as a decorative piece. If you are the type who likes to change things up every once in a while, a reliable shelf would be your best bet. 


If you have hanging plants dangling down your wall, it shows that you want your home to be a therapeutic space. Plants make a home extra inviting. They are able to keep you calm and grounded, and they are excellent at keeping you some quiet company whenever you need to be alone with your thoughts. The fact that they are natural, living decorative elements is their big bonus!

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